Silver Linings

silverliningsOnce upon a time, a co-worker shared some words of wisdom—on occasion, everyone who loves to read needs to partake in a bubblegum-for-the-brain novel.  In other words, a book that doesn’t require much thinking.  For some readers that bubblegum could be a graphic novel.  For others it could be dystopian fiction.  For me it’s Debbie Macomber novels.  They’re entertaining.  They’re light.  They’re page turners. I love them.

When Silver Linings was released two weeks ago, I cleared my evening calendar and lost sleep until I turned the last page.  And now the grieving process begins until the sixth novel in the Rose Harbor series is released next summer.  The series is about Jo Marie, a two-year military widow, who purchases an inn in Cedar Cove, Washington.  While the inn works its “magic” on the guests of the inn, Jo Marie is slowly falling in love with her curmudgeonly handyman, Mark.  In Silver Linings, Mark acknowledges his feelings for Joe Marie, but surreptitiously  leaves town to avoid  her and save a friend who is in serious trouble in Afghanistan.

The best thing about Debbie Macomber novels?  They generally portray lives that are much more complicated than our own, and are fixed much easier than if they were our own lives.  I give it 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 for being my best summer read and for building anticipation for summer 2016.









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