A Visit With Two Little Free Libraries

DoIMG_20150830_160935163n’t you love serendipity? I had two moments of serendipity this past weekend, when I visited with two Little Free Libraries. One had a pink door with stenciled flowers and a turquoise roof, while  the other was painted white and dark green to match the “stewards” home.

The two Little Free Libraries were charming, but they were and are more than that.  As I stood in front of them, I was in awe just as if I had been in standing in front of the Library of Congress.  While one is large and serves to make library IMG_20150830_160051702collections available to the world, the other is small and serves to exchange good books and bring communities together.  While one is large and recognized nationally, the other is individually small in size, but collectively large and growing in recognition.  And both promote literacy and a love of reading.  I’m not certain I know if I can grasp where the Little Free Library movement is going, but the concept is ingenious, as it is positive.

Go out and find a Little Free Library.  Better yet—go out and find one, and take a book and return a book.  Tell them The Petulant Reader sent you!

For more information about Little Free Libraries, visit littlefreelibrary.org and check out The Little Free Library Book by Margret Aldrich. 


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