The Race to Read

earbudsFor those who may participate in road races, how often do you see social media posts that list motivational and heart-pumping songs that you can download to your iPod?  There are hundreds of these lists, from chart toppers to oldies.  I have many of them and have logged hundreds of miles listening to them.  Until I realized that the hours I spent doing races and training offered me the untapped opportunity to do what I enjoy, and have the least amount of time to do—listen to audiobooks.

Does listening to audiobooks on my iPod offer the same motivation during a race as I might receive listening to music?  The jury is still out on that one.  I have noticed that listening to an audiobook helps to keep me focused and in the “zone” so I get the job done without thinking about how tired I am or how much it hurts.  But a few weeks ago I was without a book on my iPod, and had to resort to music—and had one of my best half marathons.

I have a race this Saturday—one that I am doing alone.  The course is flat and the weather promises to be in the 70s.  If those race conditions hold true, and personal factors are at an optimum, I will be up for trying an experiment.  Will listening to music instead of a book get me across the finish line faster than my goal time?  I will let you know after the race on Saturday.


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