Winter Stroll

My first Elin Hilderbrand book was Winter Street, her 2014 release about coming home for the holidays.  Five Hilderbrand books later, I suppose it could be said that I am a fan.

Known as the Queen of the beach novel, Elin Hilderbrand’s books are usually set on the island of Nantucket, usually take place during the summer months, and are usually spiced with delicious offerings of gourmet dishes.  They are easy and entertaining reads to be sure that despite their tranquil surroundings, tell tales of characters in the crossroads of a major life change.

Winter Street (2014); Silver Girl (2011); Blue Bistro (2006); The Rumor (2015); The Matchmaker (2014) are now on my Goodreads list of books.

Winter Stroll, Hilderbrand’s sequel to Winter Street was released two weeks ago.  I wait patiently for it’s arrival through my library.


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