The Story of Food

For most people, the lure of going to a food and wine festival would be—the food and wine. Not for this girl. I enjoy the smell, the presentation, and the taste of food, but what I enjoy the most is food with narrative powers.

Cookbooks tell readers about the history behind recipes—how dishes evolve, cooking techniques, and the changing ingredients that make recipes unique.  Beyond that, food has the ability to tell tales.  For example—the smell of homemade tomato sauce reminds me of learning the art of Italian cooking with my grandmother and mother, and memories of countless family dinners. The art of creating food and sharing meals brings people together, and has the ability to create lasting stories.

My preference is always for cookbooks with more substance than the recipes within the pages. So, next time you open a cookbook, watch for the hidden stories and share and create some of your own.


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