Table For One at The Pancake Palace

Sometime during my three-peat of marathons in 2013, I “read” 16 Lighthouse Road on audiobook. My goal was to listen to a story that would help break the monotony of the 26.1 miles, and would only be slightly interrupted by the barking of my dog-tired feet. That was two years, a few marathons, and 10 titles ago in the Cedar Cove series.  

As I turn the last pages of the final book in this popular Debbie Macomber series, it’s time to pause and reflect on what profound memories I have taken away from Cedar Cove. And that would be the Pot Belly Deli, where they serve broccoli and cheese soupIMG_20151022_120219241 in a bread bowl.  Mocha Mama’s, the local coffee shop, located about a block from the waterfront.  The Pancake Palace, a Cedar Cove institution where Goldie pushes decadent chocolate cream pie.  And the Taco Shack, where Jack had one too many enchiladas and suffered a heart attack.

While fans of the series love the characters, I am fascinated by the names of the eateries that appear throughout the series.  Don’t get me wrong—the books have helpfully encouraged and entertained me through countless hours of training and races.  But there’s something eccentric about a town with a saloon called the Pink Poodle.  I wonder what they serve there?


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