The War is Not Over

Let me preface this blog post by publicly stating that I am not a Star Wars geek.  I am a committed fan, but when it comes to the significance of different light saber colors or what is the Kessel Run, I’m clueless.  I just appreciate a good story.

Promoted as “what happened after Return of the Jedi,” Aftermath is the latest canon novel in the Star Wars story. It is the first of a planned trilogy that will explore the events leading to The Force Awakens.

First thoughts: Aftermath is chockablock with new characters and offers brief glimpses and aftermathmentions of a few favorite heroes from past Star Wars films.  We learn that the Empire was not totally defeated at the Battle of Endor and is slowly regrouping beyond the galaxy, and we discover clues about the rise of the First Order.  But the book  leaves the reader with many questions.  What was the true fate of Darth Vader’s light saber?  We know that Han and Chewie are on a secret mission, but where and why?  The Empire has one Super Star Destroyer left, which is seemingly under the command of Admiral Rae Sloane.   But who is the mysterious fleet commander with the devious plan that is mentioned in the book’s epilogue?

Looking forward, Aftermath: Life Debt is due for release on May 31, 2016 and Aftermath: Empire’s End is vaguely listed for release in 2017.  Novelist, screenwriter, and game designer Chuck Wendig is slated to write all three of the Aftermath novels.  I’m getting anxious, so maybe, just maybe, I am a Star Wars geek.




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