More from the List-aholic

February 1-5 is #ColorOurCollections week at the New York Public Library.  They’ve created a coloring book of images from their public domain collection.  Download a copy and get out your crayons!

From the librarian’s “You’re killing me” files comes a list of 11 Ridiculously Overdue listsLibrary Books (That Were Finally Returned).

BuzzFeed has put together a list of the 22 Stages of Visiting Your Library.  If you haven’t visited your local library in a while, pay attention!

Do you like cozy mystery stories?  Here’s a list of the 2015 best cozy mystery stories put together by NewInBooks.

This list of the Ten Most Beautiful Book Shops by BBC is to die for!  They make me want to book a vacation just to tour these beauties.

Libraries and book stores are popping up in unusual locations.  But this floating library in California takes resources to an unlikely place.

Want to try out a musical instrument?  Need a power tool for that home improvement project?  Go to your public library and learn Why Some Libraries Now Lend Tools, Toys, and More.

Are you ready for the Oscars?  While you count down the days until the winners are revealed, you can check out the Ultimate Book Lover’s Guide to the 2016 Oscar Nominees.

Here is a list of the 43 Life-Changing Books You Need to Read.  How many have you read?

This list is particularly interesting!  A view of some of the Vintage Menus from the New York Public Library Archives.







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