Savoring Christmas


I love Christmas.  I love that special holiday of love and giving so much that one day I’d like to set a challenge to spend a year only reading books with a Christmas theme. Not really.  It would be like a year-long vision of sugar plums, without the benefit of holiday sales and being able to wear reindeer motif socks.

I am taking a break from science fiction and teen fiction to check in with two Debbie Macomber titles—The Christmas Basket and 1225 Christmas Tree Lane. In the first title, Noelle returns home during the holidays for her sister’s wedding and runs into an macomber2ex-boyfriend.  Despite the bad breakup, they re-kindle their love, but a family feud between their mothers stands in the path to true love.  In the second title, at the insistence of her two teenage daughters Beth Morehouse reluctantly welcomes her ex-husband to her home for the holidays.  Unfortunately, he arrives with a new girlfriend in tow, and unrequited feelings for his ex-wife.

Yes, I love Christmas and I love reading holiday books, despite the sentimental and predictable story lines. I won’t read them year-round, but it’s nice to know that I can savor them any time I choose by indulging in a book.




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