The 100 Half Project

Sometimes life is a bed of roses.  Sometimes life throws you lemons.  And sometimes life strangles you with challenges you never in your dreams would expect to encounter.  Such has been 2016.  Never a quitter and always with my eyes on the road ahead, I look forward to 2017 with newly imagined dreams and a profoundly stronger sense of self.  Carpe diem.  I am one with the force, the force is with me.  Just do the damn thing. 

What is The 100 Half Project?  With the new year on the horizon, I have set a personal goal to reach the completion of 100 lifetime half marathons by the end of 2017.  Currently my half marathon tally is at 81.  Achievable goal?  Maybe.  Insane goal?  P100half-2robably.  Personally satisfying goal? Absolutely.

The biggest challenge of The 100 Half Project will be to find the time and the 19 half marathons that will fit into my career and personal schedule.  Several of my scheduled half marathon races will be on the road.  But to save $$ and time, the bulk of the races will need to be close to home.

So what does The 100 Half Project have to do with The Petulant Reader?  Very simple.  I have written in the past that much of my training and most of my races are conducted while listening to audiobooks.  It is a practice that helped me achieve my Goodreads Challenge in 2016.  During The 100 Half Project I will  train and race while listening to audiobooks and will simultaneously share my books and my 100 half progress in this blog.

On your mark.  Get set.  Go!



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