Failure to act always brings consequences…

During yesterday’s 5K race, I was able to enjoy a few more chapters in Star Wars: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn. To be honest, I dislike this particular Expanded Universe character such that the storyline incited me to move along the course at a quicker pace.  End result — I came in first in my age group.

Star Wars: Thrawn takes place after Revenge of the Sith and before Rogue OneThe novel chronicles the rescue of the exiled Chiss leader by Imperial soldiers and his subsequent, and very swift rise to power.  With his pragmatic approach to warfare, Thrawn relies onthrawn his intellect and his skill with military strategy to defend the Empire.  Although he proves to be a valuable asset, his seductive and turncoat personality strikes the anger of his superiors.

One of my favorite aspects of the Star Wars storyline is the depth and breadth of the characters and how the franchise creatively introduces them and brings them to life. When we watch the feature films we learn about the Star Wars Universe, enjoy the adventures of the ever-growing number of characters, and how they interact to support the story.  But it is through the Expanded Universe — the books, comic books, graphic novels, video games, and other media — that we gain an intimate knowledge of each character’s background and personal quest.

As I get ready to head out today for double-digit training miles in prep for my next race, I hope to finish the final chapters of Star Wars: Thrawn and consider something I read a few days ago about the question that plagues every Star Wars fan.  The secret to Snoke’s true identity is right before our eyes.

Is Supreme Leader Snoke actually Thrawn?







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