I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.

In my last blog post on December 25, 2016, I said, “sometimes life strangles you with challenges you never in your dreams would expect to encounter.”

I love challenges.  They keep boredom at bay and fuel my resolve. But Lord — it would be perfectly acceptable if sleep, or lack thereof, would not be part of your plan for me.  Finding time for sleep seems to be my greatest challenge.

Thrawn-1And here is the best aspect of my challenges.  I have been offered more responsibility and projects in the workplace and have become more familiar with terms such as “procurement” and “guaranteed energy savings” and “HVAC setbacks.”  I find it unreasonably intriguing.

Despite the life-encompassing challenges, reading is still a high priority, with many non-fiction titles being devoured, such as Call the Midwife, Hidden Figures, and Under the Tuscan Sun.  Star Wars titles are also is high on the 2017 reading list with Rogue One and Aftermath: Empire’s End.  Currently, I am reading Thrawn by Timothy Zahn, which follows the rise to power of one of the most ruthless and guileless villains in the Galactic Empire.

What of the 100 Half Project?  It’s still on and I’m at crest the of reaching half marathon #85.  But my promised goal to reach 100 half marathons in 2017 will linger into 2018 — and reality has forced me to borrow the infamous Jack Berger post-it note line.  I’m sorry.  I can’t.  Don’t hate me.



The 100 Half Project

Sometimes life is a bed of roses.  Sometimes life throws you lemons.  And sometimes life strangles you with challenges you never in your dreams would expect to encounter.  Such has been 2016.  Never a quitter and always with my eyes on the road ahead, I look forward to 2017 with newly imagined dreams and a profoundly stronger sense of self.  Carpe diem.  I am one with the force, the force is with me.  Just do the damn thing. 

What is The 100 Half Project?  With the new year on the horizon, I have set a personal goal to reach the completion of 100 lifetime half marathons by the end of 2017.  Currently my half marathon tally is at 81.  Achievable goal?  Maybe.  Insane goal?  P100half-2robably.  Personally satisfying goal? Absolutely.

The biggest challenge of The 100 Half Project will be to find the time and the 19 half marathons that will fit into my career and personal schedule.  Several of my scheduled half marathon races will be on the road.  But to save $$ and time, the bulk of the races will need to be close to home.

So what does The 100 Half Project have to do with The Petulant Reader?  Very simple.  I have written in the past that much of my training and most of my races are conducted while listening to audiobooks.  It is a practice that helped me achieve my Goodreads Challenge in 2016.  During The 100 Half Project I will  train and race while listening to audiobooks and will simultaneously share my books and my 100 half progress in this blog.

On your mark.  Get set.  Go!


Confessions of a List-Aholic

My name is the Petulant Reader and I am a list-aholic.  I create lists and make lists.  But one thing I’ve never done is share lists.  In accordance with my 12-step program that encourages me to not horde lists, I am sharing a recent collection of lists and stories about books, libraries, and reading.

listsFrom the New York Public Library comes 100 children’s book recommendations for reading and sharing.

Also from the New York Public Library—a list of New York Times Bestseller Read Alikes.

This article in the January 10, 2016 article of the Wall Street Journal about librarians in the digital age ruffled a few feathers in the industry, which prompted a response from American Library Association President Sari Feldman and President-Elect Julia Todaro.

So many books, so little time.  The Reading Room has helped us out with a list of 20 Must-Read Books for 2016.  It has something for everyone.

Do you have stacks of old books, but don’t know what to do with them?  From Hometalk comes three of their favorite recycled book art projects.

We’re not that far into the 21st century, but the BBC has put together a list of the 21st Century’s 12 Greatest Novels.

This engrossing article from the New Republic brought me back to my first children’s literature class.  It offers an analysis of the psychology of fairy tales and why there is a resurgence in interest in classic folk tales.

Here’s a great idea from a publisher in Germany.  Don’t like a gift you received over the holidays?  Try a vending machine where you can swap your unwanted gifts for books!

Would you like to improve or enhance your leadership skills?  Entrepreneur has put together a list of 10 Invaluable Books for Moving Hearts and Minds.