Go Set a Watchman

When Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee was released in July, I knew many who said they would not read the novel.  As a much revered and beloved character in literature, their fear was that this new novel might destroy their romantic impression of Atticus Finch.  Despite the mixed and polarizedharperlee reviews, I pressed on to read the novel.  I found it to be a step short of powerful,  yet forthcoming commentary on desegregation in the south in the 1950s. Continue reading “Go Set a Watchman”

My Dynamic Hold List

foodlab Because I borrow most of my books from the public library, I will often place hold requests on titles through the online catalog.  The number of titles on my hold request list will vary, from hardcover books to eBooks, audiobooks to music, and DVDs, and can often be as high as 50 items.  And that number will increase and decrease as I continuously read and listen to reviews.  But let’s talk about books.  What’s on my hold list at this moment?

Go Set a Watchman by Harper LeeMany of my co-workers have refused to read this To Kill a Mockingbird sequel, out of fear that it might taint their memories of one of literature’s beloved characters.  I’ll let you you know if that happens after I read the book. Continue reading “My Dynamic Hold List”